Spring sprung early

HEY! How the heck have you been? I feel like I haven't seen you in forEVer! Oh. Wait. I haven't. Sorry about that. You'd think that what with my long absence I'd have tons of stories to tell you, and I do. Of course I can't tell them yet. Remember that tv show in the early 80's called Amazing Stories where bizarre things happen that defy explanation (i.e. some guy saving a WW2 plane from crashing by drawing cartoon wheels on it when the landing gear fails). Yeah, they've got nothing on my life. However, until the stories come to the "The End" part I can't tell you a damn thing. Deal with it.

In other news...

*For the first time in a long time I do not have a wedding to go to this weekend, nor do I have a wedding to plan festivities for in the near future. For the record, if anyone I love is getting hitched any time soon might I suggest Vegas? I'll hop a plane and everything. I'll even call Elvis personally. I've even learned how to do a sassy updo myowndamnself. I will not, however, wear a halter top.

*In the course of the last few weeks I have caught myself the ebola cold. I feel like every inch of my body has been scalded. Even the air hurts. Plus, I have a wicked cough. If you have ever been on the phone with me when my dog (the one with asthma) is having a coughing fit you know exactly what I sound like. I sound like I am coughing up a dog. It's sexy.

*Spring must be here. I saw the suggestion of it when I realized my jonquils and daffodils are coming up but I know for sure now that I see the true sign of spring. Today was the season's first Tornado Warning Drill. It interuppted the audio of Starting Over, and we know how much Lola loves that.

Okay, I'm spent. I'm going back to bed. Aren't you glad I showed up?

'Kay. Love you. Bye.