I finally painted my bathroom! I'm so excited. My bathroom was black and white. White walls, white tiles going halfway up the walls with black border tile, tiny white octagon shaped tiles on the floor with black grout, a white canvas shower cutain with sketches of Paris, London, and New York in what looks like black ink. Now it has all of the above except the white walls are Lime Green enamel. It looks like my walls are candy coated. My bathroom looks like green M&M's! Top that. Go ahead, I dare ya.

So, I am now deciding on the color for my bedroom walls. Since my bathroom is lime green and my living room is the color of spring grass (it is called Denver Grass) I have been informed by my husband that I am no longer allowed to paint anything else green. Stupid husband. Spoils all my fun. Okay, duly noted. No more green. Since I went through a yellow phase in our last home he'd rather stay away from that color too. As if he even attempts to help me paint. Yet, I aquiesce.

Our new duvet cover is chartreuse (and he can just shut up about it) so I want something that won't clash. I took a pillow sham to Lowe's paint department to check out some swatches and finalize my decision. I previously had it narrowed down to about 47 color choices but after much sweating, swearing, and head banging I finally cut it down to 2 lovely choices. Perhaps I need a second opinion? I'll ask the lady in the paint department which she thinks looks better. I mean, she is mixing up a gallon of lime for my bathroom now (this was Monday, the day I bought the paint) so surely she has mixed enough paint by this time in her illustrious career as Lowe's Paint Mixer to form an opinion!

Off go I to ask Pepper The Paint Lady. She looks at the pillow sham and the 2 paint swatches (a blue one called Angel Eyes and a purple one called Lilac Dream), squints her eyes and says, "I don't like either of them. I think you should paint it beige."

Agog. That's what I was. A-gog. A-couple-of-gogs, even.

"Um, I'm not really a beige kind of gal.", says Lola

"Oh," sayeth Pepper, "You know what would be pretty? Ivory."

What Lola wants to say is, "I'm sorry, did you not just mix me up a gallon of Green M&M Enamel for my bathroom? Do I look like an Ivory person?" Instead, Lola takes a mental step back and realizes that she should have never asked a color opinion from a lady wearing brown polyester elastic waistband pants in public. Lola replies, "Ya know what? Ima just keep looking. Thanks!"

I did keep looking. I brought eleventeen swatches home and I have settled on a lovely medium hued plum. Beige, my heiny.

The moral of the story is: I updated my blog. Take it and be satisfied...and never ask opinions from someone you KNOW has cutesy-country-animals-dressed-in-frilly-dresses-frolicking-at-a-picnic wallpaper border somewhere in her house.


Allie#3ga said...

you know, pretty soon - i can color your hair to match your walls!

well, who are we kidding, i could do it now - but soon enough i'll be official-like to do it!!

i love lime walls, i'm jealous AND it makes me think of jennysue!

MamaChef said...

I'm diggin the lime green....and I was totally thinking a lavendar/purple color to go with your bedding!!! Great minds!

Lola said...

jennysue is coming over to check out my bathroom today and is bringing isabelle for her approval.

i hung up the wall art in there this morning and will be hanging the shelves in a minute. my bathroom looks great but I look a HOT MESS! allie, come do my hair now please.

ann, you're gonna totally love my bedroom when i get it done. come here now and help me paint it.

Tasty said...

I love it when you update!

Lola said...

well, hang on to your panties because i'm about to do it again. i have a good one percolating...pertaining to Happy Lola and pretty colors.

christ*el #3tx said...

wheeeee... i love painting lola!