Thanks to my Daily Candy addiction I found just the thing a music nerd like myself needs to carry on. Previously, I was drawn in by Daily Candy's introduction of Pandora. Pandora is run through the Music Genome Project, (If you want to know about that you'll just hafta google it, I can't do all the work for you.) and it requires you to put in a song title or an artist that you like and it will automatically find others out there similar.

Now Daily Candy tells me about my new obsession. It is a combination of iTunes and MySpace called Mog. If you just have to know what all is on my iPod or what I am listening to right this very minute you can go to my Mog and find out. Plus, you could start your own! (Allie, tell Tex that this means him. Mutual sharing of musical taste in one neat package. And tell him to hurry, I need new input.) You can search for other Mogs with similar music taste. You can find people based on their non-sucking music tastes. If I had access to this before I got married I might not have dated my husband. (and consequently would never have to hear Joey Lawrence or Mili Vanilli blaring out of his office every time I pass it on the way to the bathroom). However, I love him in spite of and not because of his taste in music. That's love right there.

Now that I'm done updating my blog and my mog Ima head back into the studio because it looks like the electrician ISN'T GOING TO SHOW UP A-FRIGGING-GAIN! Whew, better now. I have a new painting going that I need to concentrate on. Quit distracting me with all the music stuff, willya?


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