the David playlist

So you know what weird forms my sentimentality comes out, this is the playlist I made to honor David.

It Takes Two-Rob Base and EZ Rock
Sending All My Love-Linear
Kokomo- The Beach Boys
Make Me Lose Control-Eric Carmen (incidently, this is the one that makes me cry)
Hold On-En Vogue
We Didn't Start The Fire-Billy Joel
The Humpty Dance-Digital Underground
Do Anything-Natural Selection
I Saw Him Standing There-Tiffany
Miss You Much-Miss Jacksonifyou'renasty
Jungle Love-Morris Day and the Time
Poison-Bel Biv Devoe
Paul Revere-Beastie Boys
Just A Friend-Biz Markie
Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover-Sophie B. Hawkins
Set Adrift on Memory Bliss-PM Dawn
Surfer Girl-The Beach Boys
Blister In The Sun-Violent Femmes

Color me emotional. Lemme know if anyone wants a copy. (snort)


Anonymous said...

Howdy! Karen here. It is weird knowing that David's gone. I always think of him when I go to the lake. -How could I not? And the lake-site of teenage angst, romance and adventure-still a place of magic and possibility. Ya know, I didn't stop daydreaming about how Tucker would fall madly in love with me until I was at least 20. The news has prompted me to do better with those I love-I'm even planning to visit B&B at their home in Illinois. Linnear!? I’m sending all my love for that Poison Humpty (please forgive the painfully MWF “whitechick” prose).

Allie said...

it's amazing how our lives have a soundtrack. i think it's fantastic that you put this together and i can't think of a more 'lola' way to pay a tribute.

i hope you have the tiniest idea of how much i love you and how special you are to me.

Lola said...

K, remind me next time i'm going to see you. i made you a copy just to keep handy.

and allie, you're right. the best way for me to communicate is through the re-invigorated art of mix cd's. these songs, atrocious as they are, are a soundtrack to my memories with my friend. it played in the car on the way to his...site. (working on using my grown up words, just haven't mastered it yet) it will also play on our way down to the lake and on my ipod as i push myowndamnself on tucker's swing, then wander down to the banks of the lake where he moped so often. he'll be there. he promised.