Okay, so it's been a month.

Just be glad it wasn't a year and a half this time.

I do have a note from my Dad excusing my tardiness. Does that help?

So, in the time I've been gone I have successfully gotten out of the minor mindslip that was Michael's birthday (yea boobs), had my own birthday, gone on vacation, had vacation extended, come home to find a 10 x 10 foot hole in my backyard, had that hole turn into a patio without having to lift a finger, had my grandmother injure herself heartily once again, been a pawn in no less than 4 family coups, been thrown under the proverbial bus during one such coup, am about to be thrown under it again this very day by the opposing team, decided that "Pawn-for-hire" is my next great career move (hey, I am doing it for free now. at least this way i can make a decent living AND guarantee that whichever team is the highest bidder gets my support and my swing vote.), gotten to see The Police in concert from RIDICULOUSLY good seats that I so didn't deserve but fully took anyway, was invited to have beer and a round of golf with a chef that fed the Queen of England 2 months ago (simmer down, he asked me to join him next time he and my Dad played and we KNOW how I feel about golf), made friends with his executive sous chef, and decided that at some point during my life I would enjoy hearing someone say,"Yes, Chef." and be talking to me.

Ya got all that? Okie dokie artichokie. Now Ima update the new iPod, weep uncontrollably for no apparent reason, and sit here and bloat. The first person to bring me chocolate and a family that doesn't fight dirty wins. If I'm not here I am at my Mom's picking up patio furniture.


Allie said...

i'll call you whatever you wanna be called if you'll make the fatuchinni. i think it's been at LEAST a year since i've had that, and damn.

and damn again to all the crap you're dealing with. sorry about the grandmother/under the bus stuff. if you get totally flattened by the bus, have someone fold you in an envelope and come visit all of us - flat stanley style.

loving you.

christelpistol said...

OOOH OOOOH i'm in for fatucinni too!

remind me to tell you the one about "Romantic Dinner Gone Wrong", speaking of italian food.

Lola said...

i will happily make fattucini for both of you if it guarantees me the chance to spend quality time with you. and by "quality time" you know i mean "any sort of time" because it is all quality.

and ima need to hear the romantic dinner story. lately the only dinners i prepare include a can of ensure and some geritol silver.

Allie said...


christelpistol said...

tagging her requires that she still PLAYS....

momma needs an update!