Damn you, TJ Max!

It all started late last summer. Strolling through the aisles of TJ Max with Mo...okay, crawling is probably a more appropriate word when speaking of Mo and mobility...I spied the cutest little juice glass with bees on it and decided that I must own it at all costs. Fortunately this was TJ Max and the cost was a scant $2.99, so I bought two of them. That was their whole stock of these adorable bee glasses, a whopping two. Whatever, they are glasses and cute but I have enough glassware and less cabinet space than I need so I'll live, right?

No. No I will not live. These two glasses have beeen in my dishwasher about 400,000 times since last summer because they are not only my favorite glasses, but Mo insists on being served in them each time she comes over...which is often. I really need a full set. However, there is no company name on the bottom. It just says "France". Now we know nothing intrigues me more than something that came from my favorite place ever, and this is something adorable and unique to boot so I am now in a fever over finding more of the glasses. I search everywhere I could think of to no avail.

It didn't even cross my mind to check Sur Le Table. Because I don't think linearly, that's why. French name of a company that sells french things for people who want frenchish stuff for their Table. Who'da thunk my From France (Napoleonic) bee glasses would be there. I search Sur Le Table for linens every once in a blue moon because they have the peacock blue color that I like. Now they have a whole damn series of this bee glassware, as well as having patterns with dragonflies and EIFFEL TOWERS!!! To that I say verily unto them, "SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH!" And not only are they super cute. Turns out they are made by the oldest glassmaker in Europe, one that started seventeen years before Colombus landed on the shores of this continent. It's kinda stunning that it took me this long to find the damn glasses, huh? Oh, wait, I only get on the computer once in a blue moon. Switch that to "kinda timely". Either way, it means they aren't running out of my cute glasses any time soon.

Now I must order a shload of glassware. Anyone know any good ideas for storing a shload of glassware in an eeeeennnsssyyy weeeeennnsssyy space?


Allie said...

i am the QUEEN of the organizing people. you get all the glasses you want and I'LL help you display/store 'em in june. which is in like 12 days.


Tasty said...

Queen Bees. Luh you, face.