A few thoughts to keep you updated on the last few months.

I quit smoking exactly 3 months ago today. My friends seem very pleased. My husband seems very jealous. I seem to have about 40% more lung capacity. Who knew?

I have lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 pounds since the second week of January. Don't send congrats yet. I gained about 20 when I quit smoking. But I can fit into my jeans again, so that doesn't suck.

I got in a low speed chase with my Osama-bin-law last week. She skeers me. She'll cut a bitch...and she labors under the impression that I am a bitch, so that doesn't bode well.

Mo is the crazy. She's also the jealous and the needy.

I have informed my husband of a new rule for Valentine's Day this year. It goes as follows, "If it can be purchased at Best Buy it is NOT an appropriate Valentine's Day present." He has taken to wandering around the house muttering things under his breath every time a Valentiney commercial reminder comes on tv. I think he might be developing an annurism. So he knows, things purchased at the hospital gift shop aren't Valentine's Day presents either.


Tasty said...

So happy to see you here, my pretty wife!

christelpistol said...

ME TOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

looky!!! I'm am so happy to see you baybeee!!!