Never one for going in one toe at a time...

I have absolutely no idea how, but I suddenly seem to have some extra time on my hands. Maybe it is because I quit smoking and have extra smoking time to use, maybe it's because I went on a diet and no longer spend my smoking time making so many snickerdoodles I have worn out my Silpat, maybe I am just going through my yearly "the sun is starting to wake up earlier so I probably should too" phase in preparation for what I like to call the only worthwhile time of year to live in Kentucky. Who knows?

However, since I have this time I thought maybe I'd throw down with some words kind of regular-like. As usual, this is no guarantee that I'll be doing this again any time soon, but I will try. Unfortunately, since my life has included nothing but a needy and pushy grandmother for the past several years I have little to say. That, of course, has never stopped me so Ima go about this stream of consciousness style.

I have decided that there is no longer anything worthwhile on television. Like nothing. I have a TiVo full of crap and don't really want to watch any of it. Okay, I did watch a documentary from VH1 called Air Guitar Nation that made my morning a bit brighter today, (go and set your TiVo right now. you will not be disappointed) but other than that it's like the Gobi desert of programming. I don't think it is because of the writers' strike either. There wasn't all that much to watch before it started. Granted, I watched it anyway, but now I am kinda sick of it. I thank all kinds of lucky stars that I have my iPod. I've been hiding under it (and some kick-ass new red headphones that cost way more than I am used to paying for headphones but are worth every single penny) with some snappy new music and some yummy old favorites for a couple of weeks. Michael was happy at first since when I have my headphones on I tend to not talk, making it nearly impossible for me to tell him to do things. Now it seems he misses me because he is interrupting my musical solitude every 30 seconds. Who knew?

He'd be better off spending this time looking for the perfect Valentine's Day present since I made the edict "If it can be purchased at Best Buy it is NOT a Valentine's Day present". He blanched when I told him that the first time, then went through every possible scenario in which something he might find at Best Buy might be the perfect V-Day gift. I should say that he unsuccessfully went through the scenarios. Why do boys do that? Yes, I love my iPod and all the wonderous music it contains. Not for Valentine's Day. And here's why...

Michael is at Best Buy about 4 times a week for various and sundry things. He has made it an alarming trend to remember about gift giving holidays the day of said holiday and since he was already at Best Buy for himself he could grab whatever cd/movie/video game manual I might have a passing interest in that he catches sight of on the way out.

No sir. Despite my numerous times laughingly and gently requesting that just because I am a guaranteed lay doesn't mean he doesn't have to put in effort I still get handed a Best Buy bag, reciept and all, every romantical holiday. This has gone on for 4 years. If I have to make an anti-Best Buy edict to get you to put more effort in then that is what I have to do. And did.

And considering I got him THE BEST PRESENT FREAKING EH-VER for aforementioned holiday I don't think it is asking too much. Seriously. Best. Present. Ever. He is going to love it. All I'm asking for is something pretty that doesn't require an electrical outlet. They even have single roses at gas stations on V-day. That'll work. Dollah niny-nine and a guaranteed smiling wife. Contrary to what boys thought about me in college I'm easy.

And spent.

And out.


christelpistol said...


with the blogging!

do it again!

Allie said...

i made red velvet cupcakes.
come. over. now.

Anonymous said...

I just made a Too Much Chocolate Cake and I'm closer than Alliepants. I'm just sayin'