I like Sauce better than cigarettes.

This is my assigned title of my next essay, or what we here in Kentucky like to call "blog". It was something I said in mid road trip conversation with one of my very favorite women on the planet, Stacey, during our trip home from Atlanta yesterday. She said if I didn't turn that into the title of a blog she'd kick parts of my body that my mother doesn't like me to say on my blog. In other words, my ass. (sorry Mom. Blame Stacey. And censorship. And Tipper Gore. And anyone else I can think of except for me. And don't tell Dad.)

So now it is nearly 24 hours later and I haven't the slightest idea of the context of the title sentence, yet the funny still holds up. That's a good sign, no? What I do remember is going to see Jason Mraz on Wednesday night with 2 of my favorite women on the planet and seeing him and his friends on stage having a ridonkulously good time made me want to do something with my life that prompted me to have that much fun with my friends. Two words: Book Tour.

All kinds of people all over the world have been told "You should really write a book." In the case of my friends, we really should. I have never met smarter, funnier, more inspiring women. Conversational lulls do not exist in our world even when we are all 5 states away from each other. What hold does the time/space continuum have over us when it comes to making people we love shoot snot rockets out their nose from laughter? None hold, that's what.

However, we've talked about The Book for years. We've titled it a few times. We've outlined it once. We've written it nunce. (that's once minus one for those playing the home game)

So today the thoughts of how great it must be to have that much fun on purpose and get paid, and how much fun it would be to write stuff to make my friends laugh as a vocation instead of as an afterthought are still jingling around in my noggin while I make my inaugural back-from-vacation trip to Mo's. I brought with me a book I meant to start reading before I left but forgot called Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. It is a book that started as a blog that started as a life and career altering decision that started as a freak out.

Damn foreshadowing. It makes it so much harder to ignore what I want instead of what I can get done this afternoon and still have time to watch the stuff I TiVo-ed. I guess Ima try writing every day. Hey, if I can quit smoking I can do anything. At least that's what my Inspiration-a-Day calendar tells me.

Damn calendar.

So now I need a laptop so I can write at Mo's house. Anyone got a lead on good deals on MacBooks?


christelpistol said...

i'm game. course when MLPQ is involved i usually am.

future butterfly said...

I'm no number or anything, but I've bout decided it's time to write a book, too. Some sort of mixture of funny and evil. Dark humor, for sure. Let's have Our People coordinate our book tours for some "cross promotion," so we can actually spend ACTUAL, REAL-LIFE TIME with one another, shall we?

Love you loads,

christelpistol said...

i like how KimmyD thinks!

Lola said...

this, my dears, is why kimmy is my favorite. you stick us in a chapter and we'll stick you in a chapter and it'll totally be a Buffy/Angel crossover episode!!! i say we converge the tours in Paris. i know where all the good food is in Paris.

Tasty said...


(See how I add all that literary character?!)