Time to buy pink stuff.

I'm having a niece!!!! Okay, technically Lydia is doing the having. I'm just doing the getting. And the buying. Lots and lots of buying. Now I get to buy fun boy stuff for my fun boys and frilly girl stuff for my gonna-be-frilly girl!

All right, I'm out. Got to go to the new house to use a crowbar and pry cabinets off the wall and see if someone built a shed on the property and check to make sure no one took their toys and went home. And then I'm buying pink stuff. I will be trying to single-handedly kickstart the economy, one princess dress at a time.


Allie said...


i like pink too.

just saying.

love you xoxoxo.

christelpistol said...

i like pink too.

just sayin.

me, with the love.