due to economic craptasticness and a husband who works *scoff* in the auto industry we have had to discontinue internet access at home. suck. and no cable tv either. suck once again. so i am hitting the liberry to post this and won't see any comment but leave one if you wanna and maybe i'll get here again soon to read them.

but mostly i want to say that I HAVE A NEW NIECE!!!! yes, i realize my last post, lo those many moons ago, was heralding her conception and now she's here but ima introduce her anyway.

her name is Judith Ellen May Wolfe. we call her Ellie. okay, i call her Ellie Bellie, but they let me snuggle her anyway because they are great like that.

so there's that.

now someone come rescue me from the depths of abject boredom, please.

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