So this is the Interweb thing all the young folks were talking about...

I think I'll keep it. At least until we can once again no longer afford it. For now we're Kool & the Gang.

and i'm gonna see Mraz in a couple of months.

and Mo has a new apartment. we like it. it's assisted and she lives there but we're trying not to call it Assisted Living because she's not completely okay with that yet. as soon as we have her all moved in and she stops making me rearrange furniture ima try to cut my visits back to thrice a week. someone please hold me to that because the 7 days a week thing got tired real quick.

i'm a simple girl so that's about all i have to say today. i plan on picking up a life while i'm out tomorrow. they carry them at walgreens, yes?

until then i need everyone to go out and pick up this cd.

you're welcome.

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christelpistol said...

OHMYBACON i am so glad to have you back!!!!!