Happy End of the Loan Day!!!!!

Many years ago M and I lived in his grandmother's house. It is underplaying it a bit to say it needed some work. The foundation itself needed the most. It had cracked and the basement leaked to the tune of several inches of water every time it rained, causing some rockin' mold growth.

We took a nearly 40 thousand dollar loan from his 401K to do the repairs to the foundation, pull up the basement carpet, remove the mold, and make the house safe for habitation. Now it is five years later, and hindsight has taught us that that was a bad decision. We no longer live in the house, but it was a BIG GIANT lesson learned.

Today, however, I do not dwell on that. I don't need to dwell on that because as of today that loan is 100% paid in full. It is D-U-N.

We may now return to our regularly scheduled life.

*deep sigh of relief*


Anonymous said...

That is absolute great news!


Lola said...

thank you! it isn't much, but it does feel like i'm finally out from under a bad situation.

and now maybe we'll actually be able to save some to buy a house we really love.